We Are Rebranding

Written by Super Admin.

We’re glad to announce that as of October 2019, Institute of NEO Education (iNED) is now known as  Institute of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (iCEPS). This name change is part of our rebranding strategy  to emphasize our growth and  mission to be positioned in the local and international marketplace.

ICEPS marks our expanding  business horizon and  our commitment towards providing top notch services catering to educational and professional training needs of the industry. You’ll soon notice changes to the system, website, social media, and our new brand signature. However, iNED website (https://ined.uitm.edu.my) will remain active for a while. For latest information and updates concerning us,  please view our iCEPS website (https://iceps.uitm.edu.my).


iCEPS Management

Email Peringatan i-Class (Pensyarah Sahaja)

Written by Super Admin.

Untuk makluman tuan/puan, mulai sesi Mac-Julai 2012, pihak iCEPS  akan menghantar  emel Peringatan pada 20hb setiap bulan untuk mengingatkan tuan/puan yang kurang aktif di dalam i-class. Sila abaikan emel tersebut sekiranya tuan/puan aktif  di dalam i-class.

Harap maklum.