Full Time Study

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FULL TIME STUDY - Twinning Programmes with UiTM Affiliated Colleges (KKB)

Another full-time study programme offered at iNED is UiTM Twinning Programme, which is a collaboration between UiTM and 21 affiliated private colleges throughout Malaysia. These colleges are also known as Kolej-Kolej Bersekutu (KKB). The programme has received recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for its full-time Pre-Diploma and Diploma programmes since 1996.

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Why KKB?

  • It is an opportunity for SPM school-leavers/candidates who fail to secure entrance into any Malaysian public universities for their tertiary studies
  • Students will graduate with UiTM Diploma certification upon completion of the programme
  • Graduates will attend UiTM biannual convocation ceremony
  • Course syllabuses and examination papers are equivalent to the ones used in UiTM
  • The instructors at KKB are qualified and trained personnel
  • Academic programmes and course structures are 100% modelled from UiTM
  • Continuous monitoring and quality audits are carried out on yearly basis to ensure the the quality of academic services provided at KKB
  • Students can apply for PTPTN and MARA loans for financial support

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