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PART-TIME STUDY – Online Distance Learning Programmes (e-PJJ/PLK)

Institute of Neo Education (iNED) UiTM offers academic programmes at Diploma and Bachelor Degree levels for potential candidates via part-time/off-campus (PLK*) and online distance learning (e-PJJ*) mode of study. One of the objectives is to provide life-long educational opportunities for Malaysian working adults for academic improvement and career enhancement.

Why e-PJJ & PLK?

  • The modes offered are suitable for Malaysian Bumiputera adults who are currently working
  • The tuition fees are cheaper compared to other Malaysian public /private universities
  • Teaching and learning are carried out virtually
        • Using Broadband
        • Being constantly updated with the latest information on academic programmes and courses offered
        • Receiving important announcements from the Chief School (PAC) / programme coordinators
        • Holding discussions with lecturers and fellow classmates from the same academic programmes
        • Exchanging ideas and having academic debates on relevant and current issues
        • Questions, information & feedback are being relayed between students and lecturers on real-time basis
        • Able to read, print and download updated lecture notes from time to time
  • Reliable academic notes and references
  • Quality training
  • Learning aids from various sources
  • A variety of learning methods (virtual classes/seminars/self-learning/online forums via i-Class learning system platform)
  • Seminars are held five (5) times per semester (Sunday) from 8.30 am - 6.15 pm


General Requirement:

  • All applicants must be a Bumiputera
  • A minimum of 3 credits in SPM (or equivalent) - for Diploma application
  • For candidates with STPM or Diploma qualification (or equivalent), they must pass Malaysian University English (MUET) exam – for Bachelor Degree applications
  • For candidates who do not meet the minimum academic qualifications, relevant working experience will be considered for entrance requirement

Click here for more details on e-PJJ & PLK Diploma and Degree programmes.

** Note:
e-PJJ – elektronik Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (Distance Learning via Electronic)

PLK – Pengajian Luar Kampus (Out-of Campus Learning)